Focus on national strategy Court-university collaboration Nanjing Maritime Court signed a cooperation agreement with Dalian Maritime University and established Sea Law Institute of Dalian Maritime University, Nanjing Branch

Update:Dec,03,2020 Views:2891

On November 27, Nanjing Maritime Court(NMC) signed a cooperation agreement with Dalian Maritime University(DMU) with aim to conscientiously implement the spirit of Xi jinping's important speech during his inspection of Jiangsu province and implement the development strategies of the Yangtze River Economic Zone,  regional integration of the Yangtze River Delta, “the Belt & Road”and the construction of maritime power.

Sun Yuqing, President of DMU and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chu Peiping, Dean of law School of DMUJiang Yuechuan, Vice-dean of Law School of DMU, Li Houlong, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of NMC, Min Xing, member of the Party Committee and Director of Political Department of NMC, Yang Changshun, member of the Party Committee and vice-president of NMC, main leaders from different departments of NMC and representatives from DMU attended the meeting.

Li Houlong extended a warm welcome to DMU and appreciated DMU's outstanding contribution in cultivating shipping talents and serving the country's shipping industry.

Li Houlong said that, since the establishment, NMC has focused on the goal of "striving to build a national first-class and even internationally influential maritime court" and made a better plan to give full play to the judicial function and promote high-quality maritime justice to serve and safeguard the development of the marine economy.

At present, NMC is focusing on cultivating compound maritime judicial talents good grasp of law, foreign languages, ocean, trade and shipping. DMU has obvious shipping characteristics and gathers a lot of professional talents. NMC and DMU share the same mission and vision. Through cooperation, NMC and DMU will strengthen the construction of law research and cooperation platform, continue to optimize the maritime law personnel training mechanism, and strive to build a new brand of maritime court and maritime university cooperation.

Sun Yuqing said, DMU is affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and serves the whole industry chain of transport. Disciplines and specialties are set closely around the strategies of "comprehensive transportation, green transportation, safe transportation and intelligent transportation" proposed by Ministry of Transport. DMU has sufficient research strength in marine, navigation and other technical, legal, policy aspects. Sun Yuqing expressed that serving social development and promoting the rule of law is the key to build a first-class university. DMU values its win-win cooperation with NMC. Sea Law Institute of DMU, Nanjing Branch is the carrier to achieve the cooperation goals of both parties. DMU will fully support the construction of Sea Law Institute of DMU, Nanjing Branch (Yangtze River Delta Sea Law Institute). DMU and NMC jointly service and safeguard “the Belt & Road”and the economic and social development in Jiangsu.

At the meeting, Li Houlong and Sun Yuqing signed a cooperation agreement, and jointly unveiled for Sea Law Institute of DMU, Nanjing Branch (Sea Law Institute of Yangtze River Delta ). Yang Changshun, Chu Peiping and Jiang Yuechuan discussed their respective views on specific matters of cooperation and put forward relevant suggestions. NMC and DMU have basically reached consensus on the future cooperation in building the maritime justice center of ship industry,practical and study sessions for judge.

Sun Yuqing and his entourage also visited the Executive Command Center and Rule of Law Square of NMC.