Nanjing Maritime Court held a press conference on the construction of Diversified Dispute Resolution Systems

Update:Jan,22,2021 Views:2528

On Janurary 14th 2021, Nanjing Maritime Court(NMC) held a press conference on the construction of diversified dispute resolution systems. The press conference was hosted by Min Xing, member of the Party Committee and Director of Political Department of NMC. Yang Changshun, member of the Party Committee and vice-president of NMC, Shen Jing, Director of Case Filing Tribunal, Wang Yun, Director of Enforcement Bureau, Yu Xuming, Director of Lianyungang Dispatched Tribunal attended the conference.


Yang Changshun introduced that NMC always puts the people first and stays committed to offering effective and convenient judicial services. Firstly, for the convenience of the public, NMC has consistently promoted litigation service by construction of informatization, big data and smart courts. Secondly, for the purpose of resolving disputes appropriately, a maritime dispute resolution network is shaped. NMC has set up 18 dispute-resolving sites including one-stop dispute resolution centers, circuit trial courts and trial work stations. Meanwhile, NMC has invited 6 mediation organizations and 101 professionals such as mediators and assistant executives. Thirdly, in order to protect legitimate rights and interests of sailors and fishermen, NMC is devoted to enhancing judicial protection by handling relevant disputes properly.


Afterwards, Shen Jing, Wang Yun and Yu Xuming released five typical cases to clarify how NMC provides various needed judicial services. They also took up questions of the correspondents concerning the significance and features of the diversified maritime dispute resolution systems, the working mechanism of assistant executives and factors of establishing dispute-resolving sites.