Nanjing Maritime Court and China Maritime Arbitration Commission Shanghai Headquarters Signed a Cooperation Agreement

Update:Aug,12,2021 Views:1837

On June 22rd, 2021, Nanjing Maritime Court (hereinafter referred to as "NMC") and China Maritime Arbitration Commission Shanghai Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as "CMACSH") signed a cooperation agreement. Li Houlong, Secretary of the Party Committee and President and Li Hu, Vice Director of CMAC took part in the signing and an afterwards communicating forum.

Li Houlong said, CMAC has an international reputation for its profession and efficiency in settling maritime disputes. The Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic China also ensured CMAC as one of the first “one-stop” diversified dispute resolution system for international business disputes. Maritime jurisdiction and maritime arbitration share the same goal and merits on serving the strategy of Strong Marine Country, building “One Belt, One Road” strategy and regional integration of the Yangtze River Delta, optimizing legal environment of business, protecting rightful interests of both domestic and foreign parties. Hopefully, a new communication platform will be built, and a creative diversified dispute resolution system will be constructed through this signing ceremony. This agreement would contribute to these general goals, further academic improvements and meanwhile cultivate maritime professional talents.

Li Hu pointed out, since the establishment of NMC, it has achieved a lot in serving the Opening Up and other national strategies, improving judicial capabilities and integrating social resources. Since Yangtze River Economic Zone is one of the most active, most open-minded and most creative economic zones, there is a growing requirement for high-level maritime disputes settlements. Maritime arbitration and maritime jurisdiction, as significant approaches to resolve disputes, bear an important task of governing oceans as well. This agreement represents that two parties complement each other. We wish to set up an example of cooperation between maritime court and maritime arbitration commission.

Min Xing, member of the Party Committee and Director of Political Department of NMC, and Xu Fei, Vice Secretary-General of CMACSH signed “Cooperation Agreement between Maritime Jurisdiction and Maritime Arbitration” as representatives of two parties. According to this agreement, NMC may delegate or invite CMACSH to mediate 9 types of maritime disputes such as maritime freight contract disputes etc.  CMACSH shall mediate these cases canonically and impartially to settle disputes. The agreement also clarified details about delegation process, mediator appointment and duration of mediation, and arranged enforcement process of property preservation and arbitration award. Furthermore, other cooperation like business communication and academic forum were set up in the agreement. This agreement improved mediation system between NMC and CMACSH and overall environment for shipping and trade in Jiangsu Province.

Yang Changshun, member of the Party Committee and vice-president of NMC, held the signing ceremony and representatives from relevant departments of NMC and CMACSH attended the ceremony.